Canvas, Framed, T- Shirt and Mini Mandalas

Canvas, Framed, T- Shirt and Mini Mandalas

Bored of the same old generic art? Expensive copies of famous painters that you have seen in every single one of your friend’s houses? I was. Then I discovered the Mandala and its art form.


Weaving, intricate, intelligent geometrical designs, adorned with a colorful vibrancy, instantly attract the eye and pull you in for a closer look. You gaze at the canvas and lose yourself in the rich background where the design meets the vivid colour palette. 


The greatness of the Mandala is in the added benefits of it art form. It is not only beautiful for the eyes but also for the soul. A daily meditation of serenity, every time your eyes come across it. Two in one as they say!

One can purchase Mandalas on different mediums, such a Canvas, Framed Poster or even a T-Shirt.


Imagine the magnetic pull that you would have, adorning a beautiful Mandala of your choice on a T-Shirt. The heads turn as they walk past you. The pleasant comments and compliments. A real addition to anyone’s wardrobe!


The Mandala on Canvas is for me, the most primal and rough of all Mandala art mediums. No boundaries, no frames, just the beautiful designs and colours continuing into infinity on your walls. A real experience to behold!


Just as the T-Shirt and the Canvas form, one can also add a beautiful Frame to their Mandala Posters. Mandala Framed Posters add a certain sophistication to the design. The combination of beautiful oak or cedar wood to the Mandala, completes the whole experience and gives it a more professional artistic feel. Perfect for showcasing in a living room or bedroom.



If your house or apartment is on the smaller side and you do not have the luxury of large wall space, then do not despair! 


Mini Mandalas are the perfect size for this situation. The Mandala is shown in its fullness but on a smaller framed poster. The vivid colours and intricate designs still leap off the paper but in a size that complements the available space!


All in all, We at  have beautiful Mandalas for all tastes. 


You will be collecting exclusive designs from world renowned Astrologer and Mandala artist Joseph Polansky. Something that was previously unattainable until our collaboration. We are extremely proud of this unique partnership and hope that you will enjoy having the opportunity of owning such wonderful Mandala art pieces in your own homes.

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$4 Seconds