Best Discount on Mandalas by Evita’s Seasons on Upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Best Discount on Mandalas by Evita’s Seasons on Upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Hey folks, are you ready to grab the opportunity to buy your stunning

and other Mandala arts at an unprecedented price? Evita’s Season is coming up with great discounted offers on Mandala art products for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend of 2020. 


People are usually very excited with Black Friday that falls on the 27th November of 2020 and the upcoming Cyber Monday that falls on 30th November 2020. These are the days that shopping enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for to shop at the best prices offered with great discounts. 


So, what are the offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Evita’s Seasons? Evita’s Seasons is offering a 15% extra discount, that’s a total 40% discount on your purchase order upon signing up for our newsletter.  


Evita’s seasons is offering a 40% discount to the customer who signs up their newsletter on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Evita’s Seasons is also giving a discount offer to those customers who don’t want to sign up for the newsletter. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are offering a 30% discount to the Mandala art products buyer who is not signing up for the newsletter. 

 Mandala Canvas Prints as Per Zodiac Signs

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