About Us

The team at Evita's Seasons wanted to say hi and tell you how proud and excited we are that we can offer you hand picked items which we consider essentials for the year.

This Season is MANDALA Season!


Well, our journey with Mandalas started due to our practise of Meditation and Yoga, and our belief that a healthy mind and body leads to a path of greater happiness and serenity.
Part of this journey, is about exploring new ways to enlighten ourselves and we found that purposeful contemplation on the vibrant geometric patterns and colours of Mandalas, really helped bring us peace and increased focus in our hectic, daily lives.
When we saw one of Joseph Polansky’s Vivid Mandalas, we knew that they were the perfect addition to our collection. Joseph is a leading Astrologer and author of the renowned ‘Your Personal Horoscope Series’ and we are absolutely delighted to bring this exclusive Mandala collection to you all.
We hope you love them and consider them worthy of our motto:
“Trendy, quality art and fashion, that does not break the bank!
Be passionate, without overspending.”
$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds